About Petra Solar

Founded in 2006, Petra Solar, a fully owned subsidiary of Petra Systems, delivers reliable, cost effective, and turnkey distributed smart solar and smart city solutions. With over eight years of experience in highly distributed solar energy generation, Petra combines one of the solar industry’s most field tested and proven Microinverter technologies with extensive system expertise gained from working with the world’s largest power companies, communities, and municipalities.

About Petra Systems

Petra Systems is a leading global technology provider for the renewable energy, energy efficiency, and distributed power generation markets that delivers intelligent, sustainable, and resilient remotely managed networks for Smart City infrastructure. Leveraging its core expertise in power electronics, controls, and communications, the company is a market leader in system integration of advanced technologies for renewable energy, micro grids, energy efficiency, grid reliability, and grid operation and maintenance.

Petra delivers reliable, cost effective smart energy solutions that intelligently power urban and remote communities, cities, solar farms, and grids. With over 200,000 installed systems across the globe, Petra Systems combines technology innovation with competitive financial packages to help municipalities, utilities, and transportation authorities transform streetlights into one of their most valuable smart city assets.